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Campaign: Components

Day, month, year input component

Alternative date input component composed of three combo boxes should be part of tapestry core components.


Current DateField component is not suitable for many cases, like selecting birth date or any event which is several years in the past or in the future.


Also i18n is a must for this component.

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Campaign: Website/Documentation

More Screencasts

The screencasts are really good for just watching and getting an idea of how it works and what Tapestry can do. I know they're already a bit out of date, but that's ok since I don't want to follow them step by step, I just want the high level overview. When actually writing the code, I'll use the latest documentation. Even better would be an area where anyone could upload their own screencasts (link to youtube?) and ...more »

Submitted by Unsubscribed User

Campaign: Components

Info component



There is a Error component which is very usefull.

But sometime, I like to display other information before and after submit a form than error message.


The Info component could display :

* error information as the error component

* simple information in blue with it own CSS

* warn information in yellow with it own CSS

* OK information in green with it own CSS


Thanks, Thomas

Submitted by Unsubscribed User

Campaign: Components

Template Layout Standart Component

Layout with additional block. Something like converting sample html code from http://www.csszengarden.com/ to T5 layout. This would give ability to use any css template available at that website.


P.S. Provided web page is only the example. I haven't found any other place of css with stable html template.

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Campaign: JumpStart

Implementation Mixin Example

The information on tapestry5 website about Implementation mixin is very limited. I was trying to implement a submit button which gets disabled on submit. I did this using the mixins.When I thought to make it global so that everybody use t:mySubmit instead of t:submit by using the implementation mixin , I'm not finding much documentation aboutit. shoud the formal and informal parameters of the submit button (parent ...more »

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