Drag'n'Drop between Grids or ListBoxes


A drag'n'drop mechanism to move items between grids or Listboxes

would be great to minimize server round trips.

Currently I have only found dnd support for a Tree component.


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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    Good idea. If someone sends me a simple example then I'd be pleased to polish it up and add it to JumpStart.


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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    I have developed a kind of drag & drop between two list using T5 and scriptaculous. You can check the functionality at http://laporradeportiva.com register (it's free) and join the tournament F1.

    You can fill the race using drag&drop. If you are intereseted i can write a howto.

    We are writting some components for t5. A calendar, prototip component and this drag&drop.

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    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    Hi Pedro, could you write a howto about your drag&drop? Im interested. ThankĀ“s in advance.

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