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Possiblity to change default 'tapestry.js'

Now it's possible to change default styles (symbol "tapestry.default-stylesheet") but, i.e. I like client form validations but i want NO animation (fade in/out).. animations are referenced inside tapestry.js, and I can't change that!


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  1. Unsubscribed User Idea Submitter

    response to myself:

    It is possible! :-)

    look here: http://www.nabble.com/How-to-prevent-scriptaculous-and-or-protype-javascript-libs-from-being-used-by-page-to24687790.html#a24687790

    You can create an alias for the ClientInfrastructure service, and return

    your own set of JavaScript libraries (or indeed none).

    4 years ago